Villa Phuket

6-Bed Luxury Villa
Kata Beach, Phuket

6-Bed Luxury Villa, Kata Beach, Phuket

Speedboat to Phi Phi, Phang Nga for Sightseeing, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Private Speed Boat Charter
Daily to Racha Islands

Located only 20 kms south of Phuket this quiet tropical island offers snorkelers and swimmers the rare opportunity to get away from the crowds of tourists on Phuket and enjoy a quality day exploring the coral reefs and relaxing on the white sandy beaches of this beautiful island... paradise on Phukets' doorstep!

Whilst many speed boat companies can't resist the temptation of overfilling their boats and cramming in their guests like a tin of sardines to turn a quick profit, thankfully there are still a few speed boat operators who put their guests' experience as a priority on their trips. These operators do it right!

Private Speed Boat Charter
Daily to Phang Nga Bay

The cruise starts at the south of Phang Nga Bay stopping at one of the regions best snorkelling spots, Kai Island, where the fish can be fed by hand in the shallow tropical waters.

Entering into the bay, guests will be treated to some of Thailand's most outstanding scenery. Striking limestone structures dominate the seascape, giving the whole area a 'Jurassic' feel. A gourmet picnic lunch awaits you and your guests on a secluded beach, before going on to explore the ancient stalactite caves and the labyrinth of salt water mangroves that surround them. This one of a kind trip is the ideal way to enjoy sightseeing and adventure with your family and friends.

The easy going manner of the crew along with the unique itinerary has made these trips the most popular with our guests and often one of the highlights of their holiday.

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